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Windows Server, Exchange, Office 365 and more - a spam-free diet of tested tips and solutions.

Posted on by Adam the 32-bit Aardvark

As already pointed out in our other article What can be synced in Office 365 , in today’s world sharing is literally everything.

We have also learned how to use Office 365 to share personal calendars as well as create a common shared calendar (via shared mailbox ). What about contacts then?

How to share contacts with others in Office 365?

It is possible to share contacts in Office 365, however available options are limited as compared to calendar sharing.

A major downside is that contacts folder sharing is not possible in OWA. To share your personal contacts you have to use MS Outlook. The process is pretty straightforward:

All selected in the invitation recipients receive a new message with the Open this Contacts Folder button on top. Once they click it – new contacts folder appears in Shared Contacts section of the People pane. The folder is named after the user who shared it.

Unfortunately, you can’t open such invitation on OWA – opening shared contacts folder is not supported.

Share contacts in Office 365 using shared mailbox

Sharing your personal contacts folder is not the only available method – you can also use a shared mailbox functionality. The process of creating the shared mailbox in Office 365 is identical to creating a group calendar.

Make sure you have administrative privileges, as they are required to do this:

You have just created a shared mailbox. A good thing is that for users specified as having full access to it, Outlook automatically displays shared folders of this mailbox. If the user opens the People pane in Outlook, there should be a contacts folder visible with the greyish name of the shared mailbox next to it.

Again, the problem arises if you want to use OWA. It simply does not support opening contacts folder from the shared mailbox. Outlook is the only option.

External sharing with another Office 365 organization

Sadly contacts are also more limited than calendar folders in this scenario. Sharing externally is available only when two organizations are federated.

Otherwise, it is only possible to work around this limitation using 3rd party tools. For instance, CodeTwo Public Folders lets you bridge separate Office 365 organizations by creating a virtual network of Microsft Outlook instances across multiple sites or domains (the only requirement is Internet access). With the program installed all users are able to share personal Outlook contacts with each other or access contacts in public folders .


It is somewhat surprising that calendar sharing in Office 365 is treated better than contacts sharing. You can open a shared calendar in a web browser, use OWA to access or share it. You can even open a shared mailbox’s calendar in OWA. Contact folders lack all of these features.

In the mobile age, BYOD world, and cloud era sharing is not just a buzz-word. It is a must. Contacts sharing is almost as important as email communication and as pointed out above, not so well implemented in Office 365. Let’s hope that this will change soon.

Want to unify email signatures in your Office 365 organization?

CodeTwo Email Signatures: Central email signature management in Office 365

Share contacts
Minneapolis Foundation

We bring together people, ideas, and resources to improve the lives of everyone. The Foundation is more than a grantmaker. We convene, collaborate, partner, invest, and advocate — that’s how we make a donor’s giving go further!

It’s a 100-year-old tradition — and we have big plans for the future.

Take a Peek

The Minneapolis Foundation broke $100 million in annual contributions for first time in our 102-year history.

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Our donors care about many facets of health, from medical research to nutrition to culturally grounded approaches to healing. Read our blog to explore some of the many ways we invest in our community’s well-being.

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We awarded nearly $5 million to 92 organizations for work in 2018. Learn more about the nonprofits we support through competitive grants to strengthen the economic vitality, education, and civic engagement of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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We bring together people, ideas, and resources to improve the lives of everyone. The Foundation is more than a grantmaker. We convene, collaborate, partner, invest, and advocate — that’s how we make a donor’s giving go further!

It’s a 100-year-old tradition — and we have big plans for the future.

Take a Peek

The Minneapolis Foundation broke $100 million in annual contributions for first time in our 102-year history.

Read More

We are here to help you turn your passion into action.




Each year, our donors support more than 1,000 different causes and charities in Minneapolis and beyond. We offer wise investmentstrategies, unmatched expertiseabout community issues, and first-class donor services.

See What We Can Do For You

Our vision is of a greater Minneapolis that is vibrant, inclusive and positioned to thrive locally and compete globally. Through donoradvised funds and competitivegrants, we are investing in six key focus areas to help this vision come to life:

We are committed to sustaining our robust and diverse arts community. That commitment is reflected in the ranking of The Minneapolis Foundation as one of the largest funders of the arts in Minnesota.

We are working toward building an inclusive workforce, reflective of our changing demographics, as well as a business climate that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency. Creating stable, well-paying jobs is critical to the long-term vitality of our economy.

Peter Lewis donated a good deal a money to various philanthropic efforts over the years, including hundreds of millions of dollars to Princeton and coolchange Piper Solid Dress Sale Official Buy Cheap Outlet Irh9USp
universities, and another $50 million to the Guggenheim Museum. He has also given large amounts of money to various political organizations, including donations of Vika Gazinskaya Lemons Sarafan with Crossed Bretelles Cheap Sale Get Authentic zxlDp
and $8 million to the ACLU in 2001 and 2003. (The former donation went to the Trust for the Bill of Rights , the ACLU’s endowment fund; the latter was described by the ACLU as being earmarked “to fight Bush Administration policies that trample on civil liberties.” According to the Boston Globe , Lewis stipulated that $5 million of his 2001 donation go “to the ACLU’s drug-policy litigation project, which deals with drug-testing in schools and the medicinal use of marijuana.”)

Lewis also made donations of $3 million and $2.5 million (both of which were reportedly matched by billionaire activist George Soros) to Discount Pay With Visa Print Sateen Sleep Pants Joe Fresh Good Selling Sale Online Buy Cheap Sneakernews I1Fu6G
(a liberal political action group which has since disbanded), and Long Sleeve Stripe Print Woven Blouse Lumiere Buy Cheap Websites Cheap Sale Best Wholesale Outlet Eastbay Visa Payment Online eACJVwVS
(a progressive/liberal political action committee and public policy group) in 2004.

Among his other causes, Lewis was an advocate for the removal of criminal penalties for marijuana use, particularly for medicinal purposes (he was himself arrested and charged in New Zealand for possession of marijuana in 2000), adding his name to a 1998 letter to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan calling for the initiation of a “truly open and honest dialogue regarding the future of global drug control policies,” and becoming the largest donor (including $3 million in 2007 alone) to the Marijuana Policy Project . (The Progressive Insurance company, as opposed to Peter Lewis personally, supports multiple non-political Footlocker Figue Theresa Dress Discount Wholesale Price Outlet Fake Clearance Store CVtIQyoGb

However, the “heads up regarding Progressive Auto Insurance” reproduced above, originally circulated in 2010, is now woefully out of date: Lewis stepped down from his role as Progressive Insurance’s CEO in 2000 and after that date was neither an executive of that company nor involved in its day-to-day management. Although after 2000 he continued to hold the position of chairman of the board of the Progressive Corporation and was that entity’s single largest individual shareholder, he passed away in November 2013 and therefore obviously no longer has any connection with Progressive Insurance.

As well, some of the statements made in the above-quoted call for a boycott of Progressive Insurance were inaccurate and misleading:

The drug test of two-time East Baton Rouge Teacher of the Year Peggy Reno illustrates how the School Board’s now defunct drug-testing policy was put into effect. Ms. Reno, a veteran and respected teacher, never in her life used an illegal drug, and her school never suspected otherwise.

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May 3, 2018
by Emma Anne on Alfie's Driving School

Massive thank you to Alfies and my instructor Avril for helping me have such a brilliant experience learning to drive! I passed at Goodmayes last Friday first time with no minors! Avril has been amazing from the start and I felt instantly comfortable with her, she was always on time, forever keeping my confidence up and she honestly has the best ways of teaching - Can't say thank you enough!

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